SMALL RUN, FAMILY OPERATED IN NAPLES ITALY: Garments are handmade by multi-generational tailors and specialists in the guarded and secluded facilities throughout Napoli Italy - they can only be accessed via long lasting and established relationships.

WORLD CLASS STONEWASH SPECIALISTS: Fabric is put through an enzyme wash in a specific part of Italy that is special because of the water used with various purposeful stones - while we lose 30% of the fabric in the process the customer gains a huge value add in terms of durability and longevity.


FABRICS & MATERIALS:  In everything that we produce we search out the absolute top in terms of the fabrics and materials - it is absolutely never about seeking a discount and never a question of price.

SUPERIOR VALUE = S. QUALITY + S. PRICE: The best clients we have are the ones who have shopped at top tier designer brands and are able to see that we have the same quality if not better but our prices are anchored in reality with a 40-50% price favorability over our competition.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: We back our superior quality with a lifetime guarantee. Should your item break at the seams through wear you can return the product to us and we’ll have it repaired at our cost should the product no longer be stocked. Products accidentally damaged do not fall in this category. Items will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

ETHICS + SUSTAINABILITY: Our partners hold internationally recognized certification of in the areas of ethical employment and sustainable manufacturing.