The world doesn't need another clothing company, nor does it need more silent or screaming men.

We believe in the self-made, unapologetic, callused mind no qualms - relentless and purposeful over lucky charms.

We believe the best men know that working with their hands is as dire as their heart.

We believe in science over fiction, but that no crowds can trap free-thinkers.

We believe that luxury is instinctual. That you know it when you feel it. The tranquil sound of violent rain is a luxury. Trust is luxurious - a deep sleep is too. It’s a direct line between superior quality exchanged for a price that’s rooted in reality.

We believe that men need to be vicious. Vicious in their discipline and craft as the best way is the only way. Vicious in love for the world craves compassion and gentleness from gentlemen. Vicious Integrity, in everything you do, because that’s our motto and the only way through.

The world doesn’t need more quiet or screaming men. The world needs Lions for Society.