Co-Founder & Designer

David petrash

To say David Petrash is obsessed with menswear is to say nothing at all. David has fashion
and tailoring thrashing through his blood that runs generations deep.

His grandfather was one of Canada’s premier furrier and tailors, his father a luxury clothing merchant and mother a go-to fashionista and high-end stylist for Toronto’s sophisticates. This early exposure solidified a deep understanding of the whole process from ideation, fabrication and retailing.

Naturally, David ended up at Canada’s legacy menswear retailer as an international buyer
and close advisor to Mr. Harry Rosen himself. With entrepreneurial fury and fueled with world class expertise David opened and operated several house of brands retail locations
luring clientele from the competition with his vision, style and salesmanship. While he was
able to build a fantastic client base he became dissolute with the luxury menswear category
as styling fell into a sea of sameness, with poor quality and at ridiculous price points.

Thus the inception of, Leone Napoli, David’s vision is to bring extraordinary value back to the
category by coupling exceptional styling with world class fabrications, fabrics and techniques at price points that are rooted in reality.

Co-Founder & Business Operations

Aaron Gonsenhauser

Mr. Aaron Gonsenhauser, has built a career and life of true substance that sits at the
intersection of relationship building, value creation coupled with class act salesmanship, and
a meticulous acumen for luxury products.

These attributes have resulted in over
$500,000,000 in residential real estate sales representing dynasty families, putting him in the
top 1% of agents in Canada based on dollar amount and volume sold.

Innately entrepreneurial, he’s expanded in personal R.E. investments and trusted to manage high net-worth individual portfolios. This mindset for growth enabled him to see and act on the opportunity to partner with David in bringing Leone into existence with financial investment, partnership development, business and retail operations, keen perspective on collections, along with harnessing his network to expand the client base.

Aaron is on a mission to develop Leone Napoli into a powerhouse name in luxury menswear by bringing vicious integrity to an industry that is tainted by meaningless brands clouded by smoke and mirrors.

Designer, Fabrications & Quality Control


Within prestigious fashion circles Gigi Schifio is a highly respected designer, textiler,fabricator and honoured living legend.

Having cultivated his craft at the epicentre of high-end clothing manufacturing in Naples, Italy since 1988, Gigi has worked with some of the biggest brands and names in the industry such as Giorgio Armani as head of menswear retail, and at Versace for 14 years working directly with Mr. Gianni Versace himself.

These opportunities allowed him to design for and dress both royalty, athletes and celebrities such as the Prince of Qatar, Magic Johnson, Rod Stewart, president of Inter Club Milan, just to name a few.

Entrepreneurship took hold of Gigi, having created a tailoring brand, Bagnoli Sartoria, that was sold to the fabrication company Conf 5 which produced for Ralph Lauren.

Thanks to all of his past collaborations, Gigi has developed intimate specialisation and partnerships with some of the world's most sought after and highly guarded makers in Naples - this is only a part of the magic behind why Leone can create garments incorporating innovative fabrics and materials with outstanding quality at unprecedented price points.